Jerami Grant 21 Points Full Highlights (8/8/2020)

For a good chunk of this season, Jerami Grant was unequivocally the better of the two Grant brothers (the other being Jerian Grant, in case you forgot about him). The reason his betterness was unequivocal was because he was on a roster and Jerian wasn’t. Even if Jerami had only averaged 0.3 PPG on -50% shooting, he would have been the superior Grant. The fact that Jerami is a legitimately important player for a quasi-contender like the Nuggets just strengthens his case.

However, the race between the brothers has become significantly more interesting because Jerian is now on the Wizards’ bubble roster. Now we actually have to examine the respective contributions of both brothers in order to make a determination. We can’t just give the “best Grant in the NBA” award to Jerami by default.

The good news for Jerami is that Jerian isn’t doing much for the ‘Zards, scoring five, ten, and zero points in the three games he’s played (as well as picking up two DNP-CD’s). Jerian might be winning the shooting percentage battle (he’s shooting 60% in those three games), but I’m waiting for a larger sample size to manifest itself before granting that number any weight. Besides, Jerami is winning the raw PPG battle 11.8 to 5.0, and raw PPG is the only stat I care about anyway. That and winshares per 48. But Jerian is winning the winshares battle so actually I don’t care about that stat. Advanced stats are for elitists and eggheads. Jerami wins. End of story.

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