Joe Ingles 11 Points/13 Assists Full Highlights (8/8/2020)

Jinglin’ Joe Ingles did his best John Stockton impression in this game, regularly feeding his teammates for clutch late-game buckets that kept the Nuggets nervous throughout the fourth quarter plus the two overtime periods. In the end, however, the Nuggets pulled out the victory. They were jingled for sure, but not jingled enough to actually lose the game. If Ingles had managed to jingle them just a little bit more, we could be talking about how Ingles’ “Jingle Balls” were the deciding factor in a gritty Jazz win. Instead, Ingles’ “Jingle Balls” are not the subject of any media coverage.

Note that I do not count as “media coverage” because I am not included in the search results when you search Google News for news about the NBA. In my opinion, this is a major oversight, but for now, my work rests in the realm of pseudo-journalism. Even if Zach Lowe once used a video of mine in an article he wrote (highlight of my life tee bee aitch).

I feel like Joe Ingles played better this season when he was in the starting lineup and Mike Conley was nowhere to be found. Can we go back to that and see if it works? Just barricade Conley in his hotel room (much easier than barricading him in his home since the hotel room only has two possible exits) and slide slices of American cheese under the door to provide him sustenance. Then Ingles can be fully unleashed and he will leave a trail of Jinglin’ destruction in his wake.

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