Boban Marjanovic 20 Points Full Highlights (8/10/2020)

Basically every video I make for Boban Marjanovic, I pose the same question: why doesn’t this dude get more minutes? Not even a lot of minutes. Just SOME minutes. Just a consistent role from game to game. That’s not an unreasonable thing to ask for but none of his coaches have been able to provide it. And it’s not like these are bum coaches who have no respect in the league. These are coaches who have been in the league for a long time and should be able to recognize that they have a matchup nightmare just sitting on their bench waiting to check in.

“But he’s too slow laterally to stay on the court!” you exclaim, pathetically thinking that this parroted insight represents a novel argument unknown to DTB until right this second. And my rebuttal is this: who is the one obsessed with defense here? That’s right, you. Marjanovic not playing defense at an NBA-level is a “you” problem, not a “Marjanovic” problem. You’re the one who’s decided to place value on the concept of defense. Some of us are unencumbered by such misplaced prioritizations and are better of for it.

Just twenty minutes per game. That’s all the Big Serb needs to make a Big Serb Impact. And if Rick Carlisle doesn’t want to give him those minutes, he’s got a Big Serb Bodyslam coming his way.

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