Seth Curry 22 Points Full Highlights (8/10/2020)

The COVID-19 lockdown resulted in a lot of questionable hair decisions from all members of the general public, but, most noticeably, professional basketball players. Head hair, facial hair, maybe even “hair down there”, no area of the body was safe from dubious hair stylings.

The head hair, I can get. Barbershops and salons were closed. The only way to get a real haircut was to have a friend or family member do it for you, and friends/family members are notorious for their ability to overstate their hair-cutting credentials. Somebody with a public image to uphold, somebody like a pro basketball player, would be wise to wait until a certified hair-styling professional could attend to their hair. Otherwise you end up getting roasted by novelty Instagram accounts who post way too many emojis and whose followers are incapable of communicating in anything resembling a complete sentence.

But these furry, gross beards that every NBA player was sporting as they arrived in the Bubb? It doesn’t make sense. You can groom your own facial hair. Nothing about being trapped in your own house for months on end prevents you from taking an electric shaver to your face every once in a while. And if you KNOW you’re going to be traveling to the Bubb to play basketball, it doesn’t matter if you’ve been ignoring the itchy mass on your face for months. THAT’S the time that you start trimming it back.

This is all a really roundabout way of saying, Seth Curry needs to shave off his ugly neckbeard right now. Right now.

Right now.

It looks horrible and I’m sure it feels horrible as well. It’s not attracting females. It’s not attracting dudes. The only thing it’s attracting are birds searching for nest material. Even hobos are looking at that thing and feeling second-hand embarrassment for Curry right now. He can ignore me if he wants, however, disregarding my wise advice is done at his own peril.

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