Chris Boucher 25 Points Full Highlights (8/10/2020)

So we were all robbed of those glorious early-to-mid April games where all the starters are resting up for the playoffs and all the scrubs on the ends of benches, and even some new scrubs signed to fresh new ten-day contracts, are thrown onto the court at once to duke it out for our entertainment. Of all the things COVID-19 stole from us, that might have stung the worst.

But wait! As playoff seedings are solidified in The Bubb, there are several teams who are holding out their star players and just taking whatever wins and losses come their way. We’re not getting the same volume of scrubdemonium that we’re used to, but at least we’re getting some of it. And that’s sort of how I feel about this resumed NBA season: we’re not getting the same NBA that we’re used to, but at least we’re getting some of it.

Chris Boucher benefitted from the absence of Serge Ibaka tonight, dropping a clean 25/11/2/2/2 line which makes you think, why are the Raptors so attached to old-ass Gasol again? If you actually look at their ages, Boucher is only two years younger than Gasol, but the point still stands. The Bouchebag is the one brimming with potential and Gasol is the one just trying to hang on.

If this video description sounds surprisingly angst-free, that’s because it is. I couldn’t actually watch this game because I was busy making highlight videos from other games the entire time. My thoughts are untainted by the rage that usually overcomes me every time the Bucks lose. Maybe it’s because Giannis was out and the game didn’t mean anything, but detachedly watching Boucher take the Bucks out behind the shed is a surprisingly awesome experience. I definitely recommend it.

Don’t get me started on Norman Powell though.


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