Brandon Clarke 20 Points Full Highlights (8/15/2020)

Unlike Ja Morant, who witnessed his DTB eligibility expire as soon as the buzzer sounded in this game, fellow rookie Brandon Clarke should be good for another couple of seasons, if not his entire career. While he did have an outstanding rookie season for a player drafted later in the first round, he doesn’t really project to be a star-level player, so his eligibility on my channel should remain intact.

Then again, he did finish the season basically averaging 20/10 per 36 minutes on 62% shooting. If he played more minutes than the 22 MPG per game he got this season, and he was able to sustain his production during those minutes, maybe he could be a fringe All-Star candidate one day. That’s crazy to think about, but very, very few rookies put up that combo of ultra-high efficiency and medium-high volume, so the more I think about it the less crazy it becomes.

My next decision is, do I make a floaterilation for this guy? The floater was such a major part of his scoring attack this season, and while I am opposed to floaters on principle, for somebody like Clarke I could bend the rules a little bit. If you think I should make a floaterilation for Brandon Clarke in the off-season, post a comment that reads “Plz make a Brandon Clarke floaterilation Mr. DTB” to register your approval of the concept.

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