Ja Morant Career High 35 Points/8 Assists Full Highlights (8/15/2020)

This career-high performance from Ja Morant cements him as the single player in the NBA who is even in the conversation to win ROTY of the Year. And that’s not even a hot take. Actually, that take I just made is the coldest possible take you can make about the ROTY of the Year race. Insinuating that any player, literally any other player, is even in contention for the award would be an infinitely hotter take than the take I just made. You can’t even call it a take. It’s just a fact.

Who knows if there’s going to be an NBA awards show this year. If God exists and is merciful, he’ll ensure that the awards show was a short experiment that will never be attempted again, even after the COVID-19 pandemic blows over. In any case, I’m assuming there won’t be any “official” way for Morant to get his ROTY of the Year trophy, so will they just mail it to him? Is that how they did it before? I’ve never won a ROTY of the Year trophy so I don’t know how the process works.

It is too bad that the ‘Zlies failed to make the ‘yoffs this season, but the Blazers deserved it, I think. Anyway, this abrupt end to the Grizzlies’ season just hastens what was already coming: there will be no more Ja Morant on my channel going forward. He’s already too good to be shown amongst the scrubs and role-players; my “rookies are always eligible” rule is the only thing that was tethering his destiny to mine. This will be the last time you see him (outside of end-of-year compilations) until he’s roughly 36 years old and regresses back to “role-player” status.

See ya later, Ja. It was fun getting to know you. Go spread your wings on Dawkins’ channel.

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