Serge Ibaka 20 Points Full Highlights (8/21/2020)

Serge Ibaka gained some amount of notoriety a little while ago by starting to wear scarves. You, know, just scarves. The neck thing. Out and about.

Am I total moron here? How is notoriety the result of wearing scarves? Even if they’re really big and brightly-colored scarves? Was it some kind of situation where Ibaka was deigning to expose the proletariat to a small taste of what high fashion is? Did the proletariat then latch on to his scarf-wearing because they have no conception of what it is like to be treated as a human being with agency? There’s some culture-wide psychoanalysis begging to be done here but I’m not the one qualified enough to do it. I can barely psychoanalyse my own self without uncovering some troubling mental attribute that needs to be ignored at all cost.

I, for one, only care about Serge Ibaka the basketball player/NBA championship ring recipient. I don’t care about Serge Ibaka the scarf-wearer/fashion icon, or Serge Ibaka the YouTube chef/hilarious interviewer. While normies become obsessed with things like “fashion”, “personality”, and “life”, I become obsessed with NBA players who can reliably hit midrange jumpers.

That said, I do have a slight curiosity as to how many scarves are in Ibaka’s bubble luggage. Maybe he has a whole suitcase of nothing but scarves. Perfect for those chilly Florida afternoons where a tiny cloud passes in front of the sun for three whole seconds and the temperature drops from 97 to 96 degrees.

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