Fred VanVleet 22 Points/5 Assists/1 Half-Court Shot Full Highlights (8/21/2020)

I’m going to call out Raptors’ coach Nick Nurse RIGHT NOW. I’m CALLING HIM OUT. Nick Nurse, consider yourself OFFICIALLY CALLED OUT.

Why am I calling out Nick Nurse now, when he’s coached his Kawhi-less team to a high playoff seed and a 3-0 lead in their series with the Nets? Doesn’t it seem like a bad time to be calling him out?

Because he decided to insert Fred VanVleet back into the fourth quarter of this game, thus giving him the chance to score enough points to earn a highlight video, THUS burdening me with more work that I shouldn’t have to be doing.

There was NO REASON to put FVV back in the game. The Raptors were up by 25-ish with six minutes left. Terence Davis needs those minutes. FVV does not need those minutes. In fact, the fewer minutes you can play him, the better it will be, because he’ll get the maximum amount of rest before the Raptors’ next series (assuming they don’t give up four straight games to the Nets in what would be the most horrific playoff chokejob of all eternity). If the Nets make a run and make it a twelve-point game with four minutes left, then, yeah, put the man in. Don’t bother putting him in if your team is spanking the other team.

I can only assume that Nick Nurse made this braindead decision because he has a personal desire to RUIN MY LIFE.

I have to say, he has completely succeeded.

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