D.J. Augustin 24 Points/6 Assists Full Highlights (8/22/2020)

In case you missed it, D.J. “Founder of Modern Christian Thought” Augustin set a playoff record last game by scoring ten points without making a field goal (this record is only for the three-point era because I want him to have the record and he doesn’t have it if players from the 1950’s qualify). Nobody really made a big deal out of this when it happened, but I’m trying to bring awareness to it so that maybe there will be somebody out there who becomes excited by the prospect of watching D.J. Augustin highlight videos on YouTube.

Augustin is really making a name for himself now because he just set another record in this game! By scoring 24 points, he officially recorded the third-best playoff game ever by a player named D.J. Augustin. The two games better than this one are D.J. Augustin’s 25-point game in game 1 of the first round last season (Raptors fans should remember that one fondly). And back in the 2014 first round, a player named D.J. Augustin on the Bulls dropped 25 against the Wizards. Other than those two games, however, this game from Augustin stands as among the best in playoff history.

My prediction is that few will watch this video. That’s fine. Not everybody deserves to be inducted into the elite cabal of initiates who are permitted to witness such basketball mastery play out in front of their eyes.

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