Terrence Ross 20 Points Full Highlights (8/22/2020)

Just for fun, I wanted to see where Terrence Ross’s zero-point, 0-of-10 shooting performance in the Magic’s fifth bubble game ranked in terms of horrible bubble games. It’s gotta be pretty low, right? He shot a bunch of shots and didn’t make any of them.

Using basketball-reference’s “Game Score” stat, which is a rough numerical estimate of a player’s overall impact in a single game, I found out that there were fourteen performances worse than Ross’ in the bubble. So now my whole idea for this video description is in shambles because I can’t make fun of Ross as much as I planned to.

But wait! Ross’ ten field goal attempts without a make does indeed represent the most FGA by any player shooting 0% from the field in a bubble game. So if I replace my previous criterion for pitiful in-game performance with a different criterion for pitiful in-game performance, it turns out that Ross DID actually have the worst game in The Bubb. Justin Anderson and Bogdan Bogdanovic (who both went 1-of-15 in a game) are wiping the sweat off their brows right now.

Since it’s not really cool of me to rag on Ross right after he performed decently against the Bucks in game three of the first round, I’ll acknowledge here that Ross had some pretty shots in this game, and he was clearly the Magic’s best bench performer. There. Now T-Ross fans shouldn’t be too buttflustered.

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