Chandler Hutchison 18 Points Wizards Debut Full Highlights (3/29/2021)

Chandler “The Flying Hutchman” Hutchison is still a bit of an unknown quantity at this point. Over the course of three seasons, he’s appeared in eighty games, which is not even one full season’s worth of games. His career has been disrupted by injuries a few times, and he’s also had stretches where he simply doesn’t get minutes. Basically, I don’t have enough information to say whether he’s a young stud ready to break out, or if he’s just another middling young player who will scrap around for a few seasons and then go off to average 10 PPG in Italy.

What better place to revive a flagging NBA career than the Wizards, where nobody will ever blame you if the team loses and the roster is spread so thin talent-wise that any competent scorer will immediately be handed a featured role? Hutchison was probably just a throw-in on the monumental “scrub shuffle” between the Wizards, Bulls, and Celtics, where the best player involved was Daniel Theis, but this could be a situation where the “throw-in” was actually the best player in the trade when all is said and done. Remember Khris Middleton? Yeah, I’m getting ahead of myself, but if the next Khris Middleton is going to emerge somewhere, I want to be the first one to notice it.

And, in retrospect, it turns out I was wrong about Troy Brown Jr. being the next Khris Middleton. The ‘Zards traded him away in the same deal that saw Hutchison come their way. But if I say enough things, eventually one of those things will be correct. I guarantee it.

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