Kelly Olynyk 25 Points Full Highlights (3/29/2021)

DownToBuck is a well-known dismisser of defense. If defense is being played on NBA courts, I don’t really care about it. I acknowledge that defense is an important part of the game, it’s just not something I can force myself to pay attention to. I’m a simple man: I like buckets, and I like buckets in large volumes. Things that are acting in opposition to the acquisition of buckets are things that I am not in support of.

However, even I could not help but notice that the Grizzlies’ defense against Kelly Olynyk in this game was deeply flawed. I don’t know exactly how it came to be so flawed (remember, DownToBuck does not care about defense), but it’s easy to tell from watching this video that something is going very, very wrong for them at that end. Basically, through some miracle of switching, Olynyk would be matched up on a guard way more often than should be allowed. Olynyk has the skill to abuse those matchups all day every day. It’s straight up barbecue chicken down there. Don’t they remember the legend of Kelly Olynyk Summer League Edition (KOSLE)? KOSLE had post moves and counter-moves up the wazoo. Just because he hasn’t used them for half a decade doesn’t mean he doesn’t still have those moves.

Olynyk didn’t even make a three-pointer this game because it was so easy for him to score points inside. When Tyus Jones is desperately trying to front you so that you don’t get the ball in the paint, but you’re a foot taller than him, the bucket is practically guaranteed. Even somebody like Bismack Biyombo would score in that situation (provided his stone hands catch the ball).

Kelly Olynyk and Christian Wood. Both capable of scoring inside and outside. The new twin towers in Houston. My body is ready.

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