Joe Ingles 15 Points Full Highlights (12/1/2016)

It is time for Joe Ingles to impart some of his Australian wisdom on Dante Exum.

The most important topic for the wisdom to cover would be “how to play effective basketball despite being a crappy player”. There is no reason that Jinglin’ Joe should be in the league. None. He is the perfect person to tell Dante Exum how to play in the NBA without having many discernible skills. Granted, Ingles has a bucketload of vet savvy at his disposal that Exum does not, but he still has plenty of wisdom to offer.

It is important that he does this soon. Time is running out for Exum before people start calling him the B-word. Exum desperately needs an infusion of something, anything, to get him going and make him worthy of his draft slot.

I don’t know if it would help, but it couldn’t hurt to have the wisdom-imparting go on at the top of Uluru. There’s a reason that Australian natives thought it to be a spiritual place. Who knows? Maybe something weird will happen and Exum will magically become good.

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