Joe Ingles Career High 21 Points Full Highlights (12/8/2016)

I’m sick and tired of people hating on Joe Ingles. It’s disgusting, the things people are saying about him. The current catchphrase of NBA fandom must be “Joe Ingles is a bitch” by this point, because of how ubiquitous that phrase is.

So what if he wants to win a ring? Is that a crime now, to want to go to a certain team to increase the chances of winning a chip? I don’t think so. You can complain about the Utah Jazz being overpowered now, but how is that the fault of the player? If anything, it illustrates a flaw in the CBA.

Ingles wants to win. Same as every player in the league. The Jazz made offered him the money, and he signed the contract. That’s all that happened. No one colluded with anybody. He analyzed the options in front of him, and went with the best choice to give him a shot at winning a real-life NBA championship. His former team wasn’t getting him there; they seemed literally incapable of getting him there. Ingles’ prime was being wasted. There. I said it. They were WASTING his PRIME YEARS, never even coming close to an NBA championship. Utah is simply the better option.

I hope the Jazz win it all this year. It will fan the flames of hate even higher, but Ingles and the rest of the gang won’t care. Because they’ll all have rings on their fingers, and the haters will have nothing but an empty existence to contemplate.

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