Cory Joseph 15 Points/8 Assists Full Highlights (3/10/2017)

Whoops, these highlights ended up kind of crappy. Nothing wrong with them technically, it’s just that all the assists were lame and the scoring was only decent. Never underestimate the detrimental effect lame assists can have on a video. There’s a reason some highlight-makers don’t include them, even if they include the cooler ones. Worst part is, I accidentally omitted Joseph’s last dime, which was for a dunk. Am I going to fix this? Of course not.

Another factor in the crappiness of this video is that we know Cory Joseph can do way more than this. He scored 33 a couple months ago, now that was a sick vid. 15 just seems so boring by comparison, and it doesn’t help that this vid is almost as long as the 33-point one.

I’m really sorry about this one, but I had to go through with it even after I saw what I had created. Sometimes things just don’t turn out as good as you want them to, and sometimes it’s not even your own fault.

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