Cory Joseph 18 Points/5 Assists Full Highlights (3/29/2017)

When does Kyle Lowry come back or is he dead forever? I’m honestly a little bit tired of making Cory Joseph videos because nobody watches them and he’s got that floater-heavy “backup point guard” scoring game that always fails to excite me. The sooner that Lowry comes back, the sooner that CoJo can go back to getting twenty minutes off the bench and shooting a volume of floaters that will place him underneath the threshhold for receiving a highlight video.

I suppose it’s good news for the Raptor’s postseason hopes that Joseph has turned out to be an adequate starter. Even when he returns to backup status, he’ll have the confidence necessary to perform well under the itense scrutiny of playoff basketball. Being able to put out a full 48 minutes of solid point guard play is very useful when defensive intensity ramps up in the playoffs, and the Raptors should be able to do that as long as everybody stays healthy and Delon Wright doesn’t have to get involved (sorry Delon).

That last series of thoughts was so cogent and well-formed that I hope ESPN steals it for one of their segments.

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