Eric Gordon 22 Points/6 Threes Full Highlights (5/7/2017)

This is what happens when Eric Gordon makes a ton of threes like he’s supposed to. The Rockets’ opponent gets blown out. Eric Gordon three-pointers = blowout win for the Rockets. It’s that simple. Out of the fourteen games this season where Gordon made five or more threes, only one of them was a loss. That one loss was to the Spurs, which is sort of a bad omen, but I will ignore that ominous foretelling when providing my OFFICIAL ADVICE to coach Mike D’Antoni: ensure that Gordon gets to shoot as many three-pointers as he wants. If he makes five of them, that’s a one-way ticket to win city.

Did you know that the Rockets only won four out of twelve when Gordon made one or fewer three-pointers? That’s the second part of my OFFICIAL ADVICE: at all costs, ensure that Gordon makes at least two three-pointers. The stats show that it doesn’t matter how many of them he has to take to meet this goal, only that he meets it.

My third piece of OFFICIAL ADVICE is to somehow goad Harden into giving you another one of his fifty-point triple doubles. But honestly the Gordon ones are more important.

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