Ben Simmons Triple Double 14 Pts/11 Rebs/11 Asts Full Highlights (11/3/2017)

Ben Simmons is already exceeding expectations in a 76ers uniform. Watch him play is a joy, a delight, a treat, a privilege (check it), it’s hard to be critical of anything he is doing. Only the curmudgeonliest and most cantankerous haters could have anything negative to say about him at this point. With that said…

There are some things that Ben Simmons needs to work on. Remember, I only want to see him get better, and if that makes me hater then I accept the designation with a smile on my lips. I’ve compiled a list if he ever wants to know how to elevate himself to the next level. Hopefully he sees this, maybe someone can tweet at him? It can’t be me because I got banned for impersonating public officials. So here we go:

1. Three-point shooting: The big one.
2. Free-throw shooting: The other big one.
3. Blame deflecting: Eventually, the 76ers are going to start disappointing, and much of the blame will be placed on his shoulders. He needs to learn sooner rather than later how to redirect that blame onto Nik Stauskas who really sucks.
4. Basketball palming: Giannis is so good because he can hold the ball like a grapefruit. Similarly, Jahlil Okafor is a budding superstar because of same. If Simmons can maybe extend his fingers a couple inches that would help a lot with ball control.
5. Embiid lob throwing: Embiid is making a habit of getting stuffed by the rim so make sure those lobs are extra low, Mr. Simmons. He’s no DeAndre Jordan.
6. Championship winning: Last time I checked, Simmons didn’t have any championship rings. He’s supposed to be really good, but he can’t win it all?

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