Josh Jackson 13 Points Full Highlights (11/3/2017)

Just your friendly reminder that not all rookies are blowing the doors out of their respective arenas. Some of them are merely “okay”. You know where I’m going with this. Look at the title of the video. Which player’s identity is represented in that sequence of roman characters? This is a critical test of what is known as “literacy” and it is a required skill if one wants to function in modern society.

“Josh Jackson”, you say with pride? You cheated. You didn’t read the video title. You looked at the thumbnail image and correlated it with your mental database of NBA players to come up with the correct answer. That was not allowed in the specified parameters of the test. This wasn’t a “pattern recognition” test. You are a cheater. You can’t even read, can you? You big dummy! You are so dumb! You do not deserve these Josh Jackson highlights!

I’m sorry. Stop crying. You can watch the highlights.

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