Terry Rozier 16 Points Full Highlights (11/12/2017)

At the risk of angering Celtics fans, I have to ask: is there something good about Terry Rozier that I’m missing? Other than that he plays for the current best team in the East? I’m your average clueless boxscore observer, so my opinion doesn’t hold as much weight as that of a blind Celtics homer, but when I see Rozier I see a guy who has an inconsistent shot and a lack of finishing ability. I also see a guy who doesn’t really create for others. Maybe he rebounds well for his size thanks to his athleticism. If he plays defense at an above-average level, I wouldn’t care because I never care when a player is good at defense.

Basically when I look at Terry Rozier I see Isaiah Canaan, with a slightly less chubby face and with more of the accumulated goodwill that comes from playing on a winning team. I can trash Canaan all I want because he’s been shuffled around the league, is no longer even on a team, and no single fanbase has ever grown very attached to him. I get the feeling that there’s at least a subset of Celtics fans who are attached to Rozier and I don’t quite understand why.

Rozier didn’t have a spectacular night shooting the ball (6 of 15), but it’s his highest point total this season, so here I am making a highlight video despite his apparent shortcomings. At least he didn’t have too many assists. Then I would be the angry one.

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