Tyler Cavanaugh 16 Points Full Highlights (11/13/2017)

I’m so happy right now. Like, I’m just sitting here with a big-ass smile on my face. You can guess why I’m so happy. It’s super obvious.

That’s right: because this video is something that I’d do near the end of the season, when all the low-tier role-players are getting tons of minutes. But it’s November! It’s early in the season still, and some random dude named Tyler Cavanaugh scored 16 (THAT’S NOT A FRICKIN TYPO AAAAHHHHHH) points and I can’t believe it. I’d seen him on the court before, but since he’s more of a D-Leaguer, I didn’t think something like this was in the cards.

It was in the frickin’ cards, my friends. Straight frickin’ flush for Cavanaugh. DeMarcus Cousins: toasted. Anthony Davis: toasted. Two superstars toasted at the hands of a guy who looks 16, 17 years old at most. And those are just the people he toasted on the other team. He also toasted Ersan Ilyasova, because that guy is now totally irrelevant. Him and Mike Muscala can sit in a corner and cry together, because it’s the Cavanaugh-Babbitt white-big-shooting-threes show now.

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