Kelly Oubre 18 Points Full Highlights (11/20/2017)

“Kelly! Kelly! Are you hearing us at all?”

Kelly Oubre looked up blankly from this phone. “Huh?”

“I was saying, do you want to go party with us or what?” Jodie Meeks said, visibly annoyed with his teammate’s listlessness. “Milwaukee doesn’t have the best clubs, but Jason says he knows a lowkey sweet place to pick up chicks.”

“Oh, uh, no, I got other plans,” Kelly said, returning his attention to the screen of his phone. “You guys go have fun without me.”

Jodie looked confused. “I’d think somebody with your uniquely attractive facial features would love to go out with us and make us look like ugly female-repelling mutants.”

John Wall stepped into the conversation. “Don’t worry about him, he’s probably too busy concocting vengeance plans against Klay Thompson to hang out with the rest of us and build up team chemistry.”

Kelly shook his head and began to argue that he was not obsessed with vengeance against Klay Thompson, but he was taken by surprise when his phone was grabbed from his grip. “Hey, that’s my private property! Give it back!”

Jodie was scrolling through the open tabs in Kelly’s web browser with growing amusement. “Hey, listen to these whack Google searches: ‘where does Klay Thompson live’, ‘how to discreetly order GPS tracking device for car’, ‘Karate techniques for decapitating enemies’, ‘Girl with big breasts naked pictures’! Is this guy insane or what?”

“I don’t know how those got on my phone. I definitely didn’t type them,” Kelly said angrily. “Me and Klay are cool now. I definitely don’t want to attack or maim him in his own home.”

Jodie dropped the phone back in Kelly’s lap. “Yeah, whatever. You can keep working out your brilliant plan of vengeance while the rest of us pick up 7/10 butterfaces at this place Jason knows about.”

The group of teammates filed out of the locker room, and Kelly was left by himself. Shrugging, he opened up a new tab and did a new search: “How hard do you have to punch to kill somebody”.

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