Wayne Ellington 21 Points/6 Threes Full Highlights (11/24/2017)

Is this a new thing where Heat players salute each other after making a nice pass leading to a nice bucket? You can see salutes happening multiple times in this video. I guess it’s a cool thing to do if you want to build up camraderie and create a positive team atmosphere and all that non-basketball stuff. Often players will just yell “good pass” at each other while pointing, but a salute just looks cooler and can be done all the way across the court if you want. If two Heat players do the salute at each other, it’s like they form a bond of bro-ship that persists for the next couple of plays. At least, that’s how I interpret it. Maybe I’m just reading into it too much because I don’t have anybody with which I’ve formed a bond of bro-ship in my life.

Wayne “Beef W” Ellington once again lived up to his alternate “The Man with the Golden Arm” nickname (which takes way longer to say than my nickname, by the way) by splashing six triples against the Timberwolves. His other three points came when Jamal Crawford, the OG four-point play machine, fouled Ellington on a three-point attempt.

Fun fact: Ellington is currently leading the NBA in three-point specialization by having 89% of his shots be three-pointers. He’s ahead of Troy Daniels by six percent and Kyle Korver by eight percent. Then Quincy Acy is up there for some reason. Was that fact not the funnest thing ever?

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