Frank Mason 14 Points Full Highlights (11/27/2017)

I don’t want to sound presumptuous, and Kings fans are definitely free to correct me here, but is Frank Mason III not totally outplaying De’Aaron Fox right now at this very moment? Mason’s not taking the world by storm or anything, but he’s had some pretty okay scoring games recently, and he’s total money from the triplezone. Meanwhile, Fox hit the rookie wall about ten games into the season.

On-off splits show Mason to be a slight negative and Fox to be a bigger negative. Win-shares paint Mason as a subpar player and Fox as a seriously not-good player. That’s expected of rookies, but what’s a little unexpected for me is how Mason (34th overall pick) is maybe possibly outplaying Fox (5th overall pick).

This calls for the creation of a new hashtag: #FreeMason . Hopefully I don’t end up on any government watchlists by using it.

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