Daniel Theis 17 Points Full Highlights (10/27/2018)

Okay, the Celtics can still be a good team. Their season isn’t over yet. Look what they just did: they beat an undefeated team! Probably the worst undefeated team in history after four games, but the Celtics still did what no one else has been able to. A loss tonight would’ve brought me great joy, because even though I try not to harbor grudges against specific teams, they did kick the Bucks out of the playoffs last year. And it’s always fun to see fanbases implode. One of my favorite pastimes is going on social media and reading despondent comments made by borderline-suicidal fans of losing teams.

Except when the Bucks lose. Then I eschew any and all NBA-related media for up to two weeks.

With Aron Baynes out, the Celtics are kinda missing is relentless toughness and hustle. He doesn’t seem like a good player just by looking at him, but he’s valuable to them. Can Daniel Theis be the temporary Baynes while the real one is out? Superficially, yes. They’re both white, and from a distance maybe people can’t tell them apart. Realistically, no, because Theis isn’t as seasoned. He had a good game tonight, though. Did a whole bunch of damage in the first half so he could take some nice extended breaks in the second half.

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