Brandon Ingram 24 Points/3 Blocks Full Highlights (10/29/2018)

I feel like I was misled in two fashions during the making of this video:

First misleading thing: Brandon Ingram had three “blocks”, but, as my quotation marks indicate, the blockiness of these blocks is very much up for debate. The first one was sure, maybe a block, the second one was more a strip that got knocked out of bounds, and the third one was definitely a block. Maybe I’m just a crass simpleton entertained more by raw displays of power than anything else, but I want to see total shot-rejections. Not these piddly half-blocks.

Second misleading thing: Brandon Ingram made a three-pointer with four seconds left on the clock. Inconsequential shots like this should not be counted in the box-score because they don’t mean anything for the final outcome of the game. If Ingram had been credited with the correct amount of points (21), I might not have even made this video. So that makes me upset.

I’ve already written Adam Silver a letter to address these points, but if he ignores my correspondance like he always does, I will take my grievances to Twitter. He can’t possibly ignore me on Twitter.

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