Jeremy Lin 23 Points Full Highlights (11/1/2018)

Just out of curiosity, I looked at the boxscore from the game where Jeremy Lin scored 38 against the Lakers during the peak of Linsanity. Almost all of the other dudes involved are out of the league. Pau Gasol from the Lakers is still around, as is Tyson Chandler and Iman Shumpert from the Knicks. And Lin, of course. And that’s it. Jason Kapono played in that game, matching up directly with Steve Novak. Troy Murphy played 25 minutes. Remember Landry Fields? LMAO. And I still maintain that Andrew Goudelock could be a good 6th man microwave to this day.

Never mind that the other part of the best bromance in NBA history, Chandler Parsons, is clinically dead now. How sad, to outlive your bromantic partner. Wouldn’t wish that on anybody, not even my worst enemy.

So with all that taken into consideration, it’s pretty sweet that Lin is still in the league even after destroying his patellar tendon in the season opener with Brooklyn last year. Unfortunately, it looks like he lost a little something due to that; he’s been pretty bad to start the season.

His last game was good, though, and this game is even better. 23 points! That is totally an amount of points that would’ve been considered part of “Linsanity” if it had happened during that time. Sure, it came in a blowout loss to a team that may or not be eternally cursed, but it’s still 23. I don’t want to make D-Rose comparisons, but I think I will. Lin worked hard to get back to this point, and it’s good to see him be moderately successful again.

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