Dewayne Dedmon 15 Points/2 Blocks Full Highlights (11/3/2018)

Fifteen points really isn’t that much for Dewayne Dedmon when you consider his body of work from the previous season. However, given the uncertain center situation is Atlanta this season, I went ahead and made this video because there’s no guarantee that The Cacodedmon AKA Judge Dedd AKA Jumpin’ Jehovah will put together such a varied and successful offensive performance this season.

Here’s the thing: Alex Len has been the starter, with Dedmon being the primary backup. That all changes when John Collins gets back, since he gets center minutes too. Miles Plumlee is another factor in the complicated equation. And let’s not even bring Omari Spellman into this thing. He’s probably too short to play C but he needs PF minutes. All of this adds up to Dedmon maybe not getting so many minutes going forward.

My only regret in making this video is that I was unable to get a clear shot of Dedmon making the phone call symbol with his hand to use for the thumbnail.

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