Marcus Morris 23 Points Full Highlights (11/3/2018)

Marcus Morris, in what seems like his 14th year since entering the league, is having his best scoring season ever. More points in fewer minutes, which means that he’s actually being held down by “genius coach” Brad Stevens. There’s some weird stuff going on in Boston right now, maybe not enough touches, maybe some harsh role adjustments, but Morris is going out there and getting buckets. He knows what his role is, and unlike some players, he’s not going to be made to relinquish it.

I want to say that he’s the Celtics’ best player right now even though that’s wrong. If I did say it, who would really challenge me? Irving-stans? They’re too busy jacking it to that cruddy Uncle Drew movie. Jayson Tatum’s fans have been mysteriously silent since it turned out he isn’t an all-star yet. Horford has no fans, not now, not ever. So if I were to say that Morris was the reason the Celtics weren’t a .500 basketball team, the response would mostly be “yeah, sure, that sounds fine to me”. I’m going to do it. You can’t stop me. It’s too late, anyway. The cops won’t get here nearly fast enough.

Marcus Morris is the Celtics’ best player.

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