Nikola Jokic 7 Points/16 Assists Full Highlights (11/3/2018)

16 is the most assists by any player this year, in case you were wondering why I made a video where the player (Nikola Jokic) only scored 7 points. Two players have had 15. Can you guess them? Guessing actually shouldn’t be part of it. You should KNOW this. I shouldn’t have to tell you. Fine.

De’Aaron Fox and Kyle Lowry. Also DeMar DeRozan has a 14-assist game which is utterly unbelievable to me.

This isn’t Jokic’s career-high in assists like I thought it might be; he had 17 against Milwaukee last year, a game which I blocked out totally. I’m too lazy to count up the legit assists versus the handoffs that are only assists when he’s at home in Denver, but there’s a chance he had 10 real ones tonight, which is excellent. He had a few more nice passes than usual, even if the lob-throwing is gone totally with the departure of Kenneth Faried.

I keep saying that he needs to look for his shot more, play like the All-Star he is, but the Nuggets are now 8-1. They (and he) can keep doing whatever it is they’re doing, because it’s working.

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