Vince Carter 12 Points/1 Dunk Full Highlights (11/3/2018)

Vince Carter, at 41 years of age, is currently three years older than the next-oldest person who has appeared in a game this season (Jamal Crawford, 38). Pau Gasol and Udonis Haslem are also 38. Dirk Nowitzki is 40, but hasn’t appeared in a game yet.

Think about the 40-year-olds you know. Maybe it’s your dad (don’t you have homework you should be doing instead of watching NBA highlight videos?) or your teacher (stop ignoring your homework) or your coworker or the sad-looking dude who delivers your pizzas. Now imagine them trying to dunk a basketball. Pretty funny, right? Most of those attempts would end with pulled hamstrings, injured pride, and a deficiency of about two and a half feet in terms of vertical jumping height.

Vince Carter laughs at the average middle-aged man. Not only did he dunk, but he dunked with relative ease, and he got up significantly higher than he would have needed to. While dads across the country are looking at pictures of riding mowers on the internet and refinancing their mortgages, VC is making bank in the NBA, throwing down dunks, and probably interacting with females of both the MILF and the non-MILF persusasion. If he’s sore this morning, it’s probably not because of the dunk, if you catch my drift. HeheheheheheHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE

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