Derrick Rose 31 Points/5 Assists/7 Threes Full Highlights (11/7/2018)

Seven three-pointers marks a career-high for Derrick Rose in that category. It’s also, somewhat surprisingly to me, tied for fourth most three-point makes in a game this season. Klay had 14, Steph had 11, and Redick had 8; then, a bunch people made seven in a game, putting Derrick Rose among the elite company of Cameron Payne, Joe Ingles, and Tim Hardaway Jr.

One game is not enough to say that Rose deserves to have his name mentioned with the Thompsons and Currys of the world. However, even before this game vaulted his percentages into the upper atmosphere, Rose was shooting 36% from the threezone, way better than his career average of 30%. Maybe Rose has finally entered the era of the modern PG where you have to shoot threes (and shoot them effectively) to be relevant.

The problem is, Rose’s shot is so flat that his percentages don’t seem sustainable. With those line-drives he shoots, his accuracy has to be perfect because he’s giving himself no room for error. There are players who make the line-drive work, and at thirty years old, it’s probably too late for Rose to do anything about his form, but there are Dirk Nowitzki highlight videos all over the internet that he should avail himself of if he wants to see the ideal three-point shooting form. As an extra bonus, watching Nowitzki highlights can act as “oldspiration” for Rose to see that old people can lead teams to championships too.

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