JaVale McGee 16 Points/6 Dunks Full Highlights (11/7/2018)

When I heard that Tyson Chandler was getting moved from the Suns to the Lakers, I had one thought and one thought only: under no circumstances should JaVale McGee’s minutes be reduced as a consequence of this new roster addition. For the first time in a long time, McGee has been getting the minutes that befit a player of his caliber. I don’t want that ruined ten games into the season by the arrival of some washed up ex-All-Star who has rings and therefore the clout to demand minutes from his coach.

The first game of the experiment went fine. McGee got minutes roughly in line with his season average of 26 MPG. But I wouldn’t put it past Luke Walton (who is only highly thought-of because he interim coached a bunch of All-Stars and couldn’t help but win hella games) to increase Chandler’s minutes at the expense of McGee. That’s why I’m preemptively CALLING OUT Luke Walton. He’s getting CALLED the frick OUT right now and I want him to know it. My message to Walton is this: if you marginalize or even hint at marginalizing JaVale McGee, I will forcibly trade Thon Maker to your team in exchange for LeBron James and Brandon Ingram. I have connections at NBA HQ. I can make trades happen whenver I want.

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