Furkan Korkmaz 16 Points Full Highlights (11/12/2018)

I hope you’re enjoying this taste of Furkan “The Mutherfurker” Korkmaz, because once Jimmy Butler (barf) comes into the fold, it’s back to the end of the bench for him. We have now entered the part of the process called “panic trade for a disgruntled ‘star'”. The time for players like Korkmaz to find their place has ended. One could say that that time ended when Hinkie was fired, even if Korkmaz wasn’t around yet when that happened.

It’s possible that he keeps receiving minutes; the Sixers will be starved for shooting, and that’s one thing that he can supposedly do. He unKorked it in Summer League, scoring 40 in a performance that got everyone way too hyped, and now he’s unKorked it these last two games. Games against real NBA defenders, I might add.

Supposedly he’s already made a request to be traded. That was before this whole Butler trade, so maybe he’s changed his mind. But if he hasn’t, I would totally trade (you guessed it) Thon Maker for him. No question. The Bucks don’t have nearly enough white shooting guards, and the Sixers don’t have nearly enough African centers.

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