OG Anunoby 17 Points Full Highlights (11/12/2018)

If Pascal Siakam is going to be the Kawhi replacement once Kawhi bolts for the Clippers, that precludes OG Anunoby from being the Kawhi replacement once Kawhi bolts for the Clippers. Unless the Raptors have two Kawhi replacements going forward. Then Anunoby and Siakam can take turns filling in the Kawhi role.

Anunoby’s already got some things going that are vaguely reminiscent of Kawhi Leonard: he can play defense (I think), he can hit threes (sometimes), and he’s actually an inch taller which means he’s even better at being Kawhi than Kawhi is. The only question mark is: does Anunoby have an uncle who will meddle in his affairs to the point where he demands a trade and sits out a season with a psychosomatic (at best) or made-up (at worst) injury?

If Anunoby doesn’t have such an uncle, I hereby volunteer to be his uncle and give him all kinds of bad advice while taking under-the-table payments from shoe companies and NBA GM’s. And since I volunteered first before anybody else thought to do it, Anunoby has no choice but to pick me for this position. See you later, YouTube!

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