David Nwaba 18 Points Full Highlights (11/13/2018)

Big props going to David Nwaba right now for managing to stick in the league for three years despite being a short shooting guard who can’t shoot and can’t pass. Yeah, his athleticism makes up for some stuff, but still. His player type doesn’t usually even get the chance to play in the league on a 10-day, much less convince three separate teams that they’re good enough to keep on a roster.

There’s, apparently, a nebulous concept called “defense” which may be the reason he’s still around. I do not know anything about this “defense” other than that it sounds not very fun and not very highlightable.

I do know that the fanbases of his two prior teams really loved him. Every time I dissed him in a description (which was often, as you can tell from this one), they were out in force, defending him like his supposedly defends opposing players. In all seriousness, when a fanbase loves a player, that’s a good sign that that player is actually good (or just a meme). So maybe this guy is good or something? Sure. 18 points is good, at least.

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