DeAndre’ Bembry 13 Points Full Highlights (11/13/2018)

I really want DeAndre’ Bembry to exceed his career high of 13 points, but he just doesn’t seem capable of it. Three times this season (and once last season) he has scored that exact amount. However, in fairness to Bembry, his minutes are a bit down in the past few games for unknown reasons. If he had gotten, say, 26 minutes in this game instead of just the 16 he got, he could have very easily made one more shot and scored an unbelievable, incredible fifteen points.

What do Hawks fans think of this guy? Do they think he’ll make it in the league after his rookie contract is up? Is he any kind of long term piece for the team or is he just a player who can help guide the tank to the promised land of the bottom of the standings, sort of like a 10x worse version of Bobcats-era Corey Maggette? This season, Bembry has shown signs of life that he was definitely not showing in his first two seasons (or at least not nearly as often), but there’s a lot of players who show signs of life and they still don’t stick around (RIP Vitor Faverani).

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