James Ennis 16 Points Full Highlights (11/13/2018)

Attention Houston fans/media people: if you are blaming James Ennis for any part of the Rockets’ struggles this season, please stop. If him not being as good as hoped is even a small problem, you’ve got way bigger problems to deal with. Sure, he’s not as good as who he replaced, but anyone who thought he was going to be as good (or better) was seriously deluding themselves.

He’s doing the best he can, which isn’t much, but he’s trying. This is probably the first time in his pro career where anyone has expected anything besides occasional competency. Which is what he has provided. No more, no less.

I think from now on I’m going to delete my highlight videos one month after uploading them so that no one goes back and gets a possibly inaccurate portrayal of a player. My vid of Ennis scoring 22 got a lot of views, and a lot of those viewers likely came away with the erroneous idea that he was some sort of good player.

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