Isaiah Canaan 19 Points/5 Threes Full Highlights (11/14/2018)

Isaiah “The Canaanite”/”The Canaanball” Canaan seems to think that very highly of his ability to shoot threes, because he was just pulling up from behind the long line like it was nothing. Have we checked Canaan’s person to see if he is in possession of a certain golden amulet forged in the fires underneath Oracle Arena that grants its wearer untold three-point shooting power? Because he was definitely playing like he was wearing the three-point shooting amulet after stealing it from Stephen Curry. A perfect 5/5 without a miss is just too good. Somebody should tell him that the amulet is both a blessing and a curse, because, over time, it inflicts physical and mental maladies on the player and slowly takes over the bearers’ mind, LOTR-style.

Mysteriously accurately three-point shooting aside, you can sort of see why everybody is crowing about the Suns’ lack of a real starting-caliber point guard. Canaan had one assist in this game. He’s cursed forever to play PG because of his short stature, but he’s really just a tubby little shooting guard, and playing him as anything other than that is not playing to his strengths (such as they are). I’ll let it slide for this game because the winning-challenged Suns just blew out the Spurs by twenty points.

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