JaVale McGee 20 Points Full Highlights (11/14/2018)

Whenever I think about JaVale McGee, I think fondly back to his days as a Nugget, when he was the preferred lob target of one Andre Miller. McGee had 175 dunks in the 2012-13 season, and, just eyeballing the list, it seems like about half of them were courtesy of old man Miller, and the rest were supplied by the Ty Lawson/Andre Iguodala/Corey Brewer core. I miss those days. That was back when Ty Lawson was good and NBA-caliber. Now he’s an alcoholic who has to play in janky foreign leagues. And then Iguodala betrayed the team. Brewer? He’s probably sitting at home eating potato chips right now.

What started as a fond remembrance has turned to a sorrowful journey. I should not have stepped down this path of memories. All I wanted to do was think happily about McGee’s tenure with the Nuggets and how he’s re-creating some of that magic with the Lakers and their abundance of playmakers.

To make myself feel better, I will try to imagine what it will be like when Tyson Chandler throws a lob to McGee. Or the other way around, that would be sweet too. Have those two guys even shared the court yet?

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