Pat Connaughton 16 Points Full Highlights (11/14/2018)

Blazers fans: was Pat Connaughton this good for your team? He had that one sick game to start the season last year, but I don’t know the deets of how he played on a nightly basis. I’m only asking because I’m happily surprised at how well he’s contributing this year.

He’s kinda averaging power forward numbers as a (white) shooting guard. 16 points (fine, I can believe that), 10 rebounds (what), and 1.5 blocks (I thought his hops were the kind that didn’t translate to in-game situations) per 36 minutes. This is a good situation for the Bucks to have a small averaging big-like numbers, because they have a big in Brook Lopez who seems to be averaging negative rebounds per game.

It’s sad, but he fits the stereotypical “scrappy short white guy” archetype perfectly. I guess that’s why the stereotype exists, because players like him and Matthew Dellavedova fit into it neatly. Case in point: he keeps blocking people’s jumpers from behind. Eventually the scouting reports around the league will figure that out and just bait him into fouls, but for now it’s working and almost as fun as Lopez’s threes.

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