Antonio Blakeney 18 Points Full Highlights (11/16/2018)

The league has swung so far in favor of efficient three-point bombers and scoring totals distributed evenly among teammates that it’s almost a breath of fresh air to see a guy like Antonio Blakeney, who doesn’t really care about his teammates and will take whatever shot he wants. Players like Blakeny are in demand almost nowhere (except, like, Lebanon or China), but his stint in the G-League last season was so dominant from a scoring perspective that the Bulls have no choice but to keep him and see if he can replicate that production on an NBA court.

So far, Blakeney has been a nice surprise if you just look at his stats. I have a hunch that his on-court impact is worse than his stats indicate (see: Jordan Crawford, who never once helped his team win a game no matter how many points he scored), but at least his percentages are legit. In case you don’t remember, Blakeney’s percentages were sub-legit in his rookie season. Very, very sub-legit.

Everybody out there who likes watching Blakeney get buckets should enjoy it while they can, because eventually the Bulls will get everybody back from injury (Dunn and Valentine especially) and the minutes for Blakeney will disappear.

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