D’Angelo Russell 23 Points/6 Assists Full Highlights (11/16/2018)

If anyone can tell me why D’Angelo Russell was bowing to the crowd at the end of this video, that would be cool. Because I can’t figure it out. Was there a heckler who he was getting the last laugh on? Did he think he had put together a maestro performance and was simply acknowledging all his adoring fans? Was he trying to piss off John Wall? It’s not like I need to know or anything, but it seems out of character, even for a character like Dan-Jello.

I mean, Russell did have some really nice plays this game. A ton of them, actually. Basically everything in this video is above-par, unlike a lot of his vids where he just hits a bunch of threes and that’s that. It’s only 23 points, so no one will notice, but that’s okay. These are the little gems that make my time as a impoverished highlight-compiler worthwhile. Mainstream acknowledgment is not important.

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