Trey Burke 24 Points Full Highlights (11/16/2018)

The bucket-getter Trey Burke, the “Allen Iverson 0.7.1” Trey Burke, the redemption story Trey Burke, those are the Trey Burkes we’re not seeing this year. We’re seeing the bricklayer Trey Burke, the benched for Emmanuel Mudiay Trey Burke, and the DNP Trey Burke. What happened to last year’s version? Was it all a mirage? Did his 42-point game even really happen?

Hopefully this game marks a return to form. I was really digging his midrange game last season, and it would be a shame if one of the few practitioners of the art had to stop because he lost all his minutes to some bust who was too scared to play in college and ran to China instead. I’m actually feeling like a midrange renaissance is just around the corner for the NBA, so if he can hold on a few more seasons until teams are so paranoid about threes that they give up endless open long twos, that would be to his advantage.

Also, I’m just gonna pretend that the Knicks won this game. For some reason I was pulling for them, even though I like the Pelicans. This is weird, because I don’t think I’ve ever rooted for them before in my life. Not being a hater, just saying I hate the team who gave up a first-round pick for Andrea Bargnani.

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