Jeff Green 20 Points Full Highlights (11/20/2018)

If the Wizards’ season is going to get back on track, it’s going to be because the team decided to follow Jeff Green’s example for how to play basketball. Which is: sleepwalk through the motions while not caring about anything or anyone, ignoring all locker-room conflicts, and coasting on natural talent. There’s enough natural talent on that team where they can still make the playoffs if everyone becomes an emotionless, passionless automaton.

I’m having a fun time imagining Green just sitting there in the locker room while John Wall hurls expletives and insults and Scott Brooks, Markieff Morris strangles Austin Rivers, and Bradley Beal shakes his head while chugging vodka. That would make a good description, something like that, but now I’m two whole paragraphs into this one and I can’t back out now.

Good on Washington for not crumbling in the face of adversity like they have every other time this season. They were down by 24 I think, and they came all the way back to win against a team with a great record (notice how I didn’t say “a great team”). Green was a big part of it, posterizing Boban Marjanovic, the hitting back-to-back threes to get the crowd energized, and eventually adding another dunk to finish off the Clippers. All while showing no emotion whatsoever. Wall, take notes.

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