Marcus Morris 21 Points Full Highlights (11/21/2018)

I’ve already talked about it today, but the description ideas are running a bit thin right now, so I’m gonna talk about it again: the Celtics performing way below expectations is pretty much the best thing going on in the NBA right now. That and the Warriors imploding without Curry.

Actually, the Warriors thing might be more awesome because the Celtics, unfortunately, don’t have teammates calling each other out and telling each other to leave in free agency. They just have Terry Rozier making thinly veiled trade requests on Twitter. Nobody is calling each other “bitch” as far as I’ve heard.

So Marcus Morris has actually been good this year, which upsets me, but my upsetness is offset by the fact that essentially the entire roster outside of him is underperforming on an individual level. I can deal with Morris being good if everybody else plays like booty, because Morris by himself is not enough to win games on his own. Now Celtics fans are reaping what they have sown: they went nuts hyping their team up on every corner of the internet (understandably so; they were an ECF team who added two stars to the mix), and now they’re timidly keeping to themselves as the Celtics tread water at .500.

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