Cody Zeller 19 Points Full Highlights (11/28/2018)

These are the kinds of games Cody Zeller needs to have to remind us all that, even though he looks like an old man, he’s still in his athletic prime and can still overpower defenders with his athleticism. These are also the kinds of games Cody Zeller needs to have to convince me that he’s anything other than a garbage man on offense. Allegedly, he was drafted in part because of his skills scoring the ball, but in six seasons we’ve only seen flashes of that ability. I think a good 50% of those total flashes came in this game alone.

This video is as entertaining as a Cody Zeller highlight video is possible to be. He even hits a turnaround jumper in it. The only thing missing is a heat-check three. That is the only possible thing that could add entertainment value to this video. Actually, I take that back, there’s one more thing that could be done to up the entertainment factor: the friggin’ Charlotte Hornets broadcast team could have showed a proper angle of Zeller’s first dunk, instead of a faraway opposite-baseline shot that makes it impossible to tell where he took off from. Wow! It’s like I’m really sitting on the baseline of an NBA arena! I always wanted to experience that in the comfort of my own home!

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