Luka Doncic 20 Points/1 Dunk Full Highlights (11/28/2018)

Luka Doncic’s dunk tonight will really spice up my end-of-season Luka Doncic Dunkilation which, up until tonight, was looking really, really lame. He’s an NBA player and kind of tall, so he can dunk, but that’s all you can say about him in that area. That he can do it. There was some power behind the one tonight, power that had been hidden until now.

I would make a joke about the Rimgrazer dunk package in NBA2k but I haven’t played that game in so long that it doesn’t seem right.

However lame his dunkilation might be will be made up for by how sick his three-ilation will be. Notice how I said “will”. Because it’s not like as the season goes along, it will become sick. It’s already sick. There was some stat that showed he hit more stepback threes than a whole bunch of teams through the first 15 games or whatever, and now he’s added three more crazy shots to the video. Two fading-away rainbows from the corner, and a nice buzzer beater from a few feet inside the half-court stripe.

Only 20 points tonight is a little disappointing after 15 in the first half, but just think of it like this: he kicked the Rockets’ asses so bad in his limited playing time that it would’ve been considered bad sportsmanship to put him back in. Also, don’t look at any plus-minus stats from this game lest they contradict carefully constructed narratives.

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