Malcolm Brogdon 24 Points/6 Assists/6 Threes Full Highlights (11/28/2018)

Malcolm Brogdon’s (AKA Brogdog, The Cybrog, Junkyard Brog, Imbroglio, and many other nicknames) six-of-six three-point shooting in this game is the most three-point makes without a miss by any player this season. Isaiah Canaan (RIP), Dante Cunningham, and Lou Williams have all made five without a miss, but five is a lame number. Anybody could hit five without missing. I could do that. Six, on the other hand, is another level of excellence which only somebody as presidential as The President himself, Malcolm Brogdon, could achieve.

Just for curiosity’s sake, I went back a decade to see what some other perfect three-point shooting nights were:

-Ben Gordon once hit nine of nine while scoring 45 points. That was probably the one instance of his entire Pistons tenure where Pistons fans weren’t thinking about his godawful contract.

-Matt Bonner, seven of seven in 25 minutes. As expected, he scored 21 points in the game. I miss Matt Bonner.

-Quentin Richardson also hit seven of seven. That’s weird because he was never that great of a three-point shooter, he just had high volume. I also totally forgot that he was on the Heat for one season.

-Nate Robinson’s seven of seven game was notable because his listed height was just 4’8″ at the time of the contest. It was also notable because two of the three-pointers were also dunks. Fun fact.

-Aaron Brooks (RIP), Kyrie Irving, and Mo Williams (RIP) also shot seven of seven on threes in games during the past decade. Who cares about those guys?

And when we look at people who made six of six like my man Malcolm, we get some fun names: Mickael Pietrus, Troy Murphy, Mike Bibby, etc. I wish I could have made highlights for all these games. Attention Adam Silver: when are you going to grant me full access to the NBA digital game archive? Stop bogarting it for your own purposes.

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